This website collects datasets for Explainable NLP (ExNLP).

It started with the paper ✨ Teach Me to Explain: A Review of Datasets for Explainable NLP ✨, and we hope it will evolve as new datasets are collected.

Datasets are grouped by explanation type:


We welcome and encourage contributions to this site. If you would like us to add a missing or new dataset, please open an issue or a PR to this repository with the following information:

  • Explanation type (highlights, free-text, or structured)
  • Dataset name
  • Link to the associated publication/preprint
  • Associated task
  • Granurality restriction (for highlights)
  • Collection method
  • Number of instances
  • Number of explanations per instance
  • Total number of annotators
  • Language

If the paper does not mention information please use n/a.


  title={Teach Me to Explain: A Review of Datasets for Explainable NLP},
  author={Sarah Wiegreffe and Ana Marasovi\'{c}},
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